Sat. May 21st, 2022

Education and the internet are two things that cannot be separated in this era of globalization. Both teachers and students have no restrictions on using the internet. However, the problem now is whether teachers can use the internet properly? This question was asked because in general internet users in Indonesia are demographics born after 1990. They grew and grew up by computers, television, radio, sophisticated gadgets with various brands, and the internet. This group is the generation that grew up when information technology took root and became a daily necessity. They are called digital natives, natives of the digital era.

In contrast to teachers who were generally born in the 70s and 80s. At that time information technology was not too dominant. Most of the teachers are those who start using technology after being a bit mature or digital immigrants. This difference between teachers and students separates the two generations between the digital divide.

This difference causes the teacher to no longer be the only person who knows best with various information that is growing and developing in the community. Teachers are no longer people who are smarter than their students. So it could be that what is asked by students about problems or issues that are being hotly discussed, related to learning at school, the teacher cannot answer.

In addition, the biggest challenge for teachers today is to prepare their students to be able to face the challenges of the future that are more severe and various problems that are constantly evolving. Here, teachers are required to constantly improve and adjust their professional abilities.

To answer this challenge, the way is to align the wisdom and skills of teachers with the technology commonly used by their students. With the ability of a teacher to use and utilize technology, such as the internet, it will make it easier for teachers to answer various student questions related to developing issues.

The internet can make it easier for teachers to enrich learning materials in schools. In the classroom, teachers are no longer required to teach using whiteboards and markers as usual. However, now teachers can use media, such as laptops to display pictures or videos related to learning materials that teachers download on the internet. Through information technology such as the internet, teachers can share information easily and quickly with their students.

The internet provides many sites that can be used as sources of information or learning resources, such as,, and other sites that can be used as a means to share information. Based on research results from the Nielsen Research Institute, has been visited by 62,097 million visitors per month, is visited by 45,712 million visitors per month, and is visited by 20,357 million visitors per month. This shows the high public interest in using the internet. The high number of internet users has brought major changes in the world of education, such as increasing student achievement and efficiency in the time needed to complete assignments and homework.

However, the internet is not only used to expand knowledge, enrich learning resources, and share knowledge, but also for negative things, such as accessing pornography. Therefore, it takes guidance and supervision from teachers to supervise students in using the internet. Teachers should introduce safe internet usage to students starting from elementary school so that they avoid the bad influence caused by the internet.

Therefore, the role of teachers as educators is very important in the world of education. According to Law no. 20 Article 39 paragraph 2 the role of a teacher or educator in addition to transforming their knowledge to students is also tasked with conducting guidance and training as well as conducting research and community service, especially for educators at universities.

Teachers are role models and encourage students in learning. The love and attention given by the teacher will make students become human beings with noble character. Knowledge gained through the internet makes students qualified human beings. So that teachers and the internet are two things that cannot be separated in achieving the vision and mission of national education, namely empowering all Indonesian citizens. So that they develop into quality human beings who are capable and proactive in responding to the challenges of an ever-changing era.

By Steven