Sat. May 21st, 2022
Tips for Educating Children

Tips for Educating Children – During the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents are working from home. Because they spend more time at home, they will always meet their children.
Moreover, those who have early childhood, apart from working, parents also continue to assist their children. Just have to be able to divide the time.
But, how to properly educate early childhood? In addition to being active, early childhood also likes to explore.
Even sometimes he is unruly so that it makes us impatient and angry. However, parents should be able to restrain themselves so that their children can grow and develop optimally.
Parents must realize that the way to educate early childhood is very different from that of teenagers and adults.
This is because their brain development is not perfect, so it is not surprising that sometimes they are not able to understand what we want. For this reason, parents need to understand how to properly educate their early childhood.

Here are 7 tips for educating children:

Give enough love

Giving enough love is the main thing that must be given to children. Not exaggerating but also not being an authoritarian figure.
Parents can express their affection directly, by smiling or saying the words “parents love you” just before or after waking up.

Invite to play together

Learning in early childhood is done through play. For example, introducing letters or numbers through games by showing interesting pictures.
Or to hone children’s creativity and increase vocabulary to good and bad traits by reading fairy tales to children.

Giving compliments

When children do something positive, parents should give praise. Giving praise can build early confidence that he can do something well.

Be open to children

Tips for Educating Children

Children like to talk about what he has done, therefore parents must respond positively to it.
Invite them to communicate often, for example asking about activities in a day or while at school, or asking about their feelings.

Set a good example

The role of parents in educating is to be a role model or good example. That way the child will set a standard of behavior for himself by observing his parents.
Therefore, parents must always show good behavior in front of their children. Some examples like terms of manners, personal hygiene, active worship, diligent work.

Avoid instilling negativity

One of the negative things you shouldn’t do is scare him. If the child is difficult to direct, avoid making him obey but just only scaring him.

Use positive sentences

If you want to emphasize your obligations and responsibilities at home, avoid using the word “don’t” when you forbid it, you should use positive sentences such as suggestions and not orders.

By Steven