The Importance of Integrated E-books on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Materials in Learning

Currently, Indonesia is being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which causes panic all levels of Indonesian society. This also has an impact on education in Indonesia from a face-to-face learning system to an online learning system . Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia is also prone to earthquakes. This is because Indonesia is built on a combination of various micro-continental plates and volcanic arcs that are driven by complex tectonic processes so that the collision of tens of these plates causes the formation of various types of faults scattered in various places.

Indonesia has earthquake-prone zones along areas close to the interaction area of ​​tectonic plates, such as on the south coast of Java and the west coast of Sumatra. West Sumatra is one of the areas in Indonesia that is frequently hit by earthquakes, including the Pesisir Selatan district. People who don’t know how to deal with earthquakes will make things worse because earthquakes are …

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Tips for Creating a Conducive and Fun Classroom

A calm and conducive learning atmosphere is a factor that supports student learning focus and teacher teaching effectiveness. In creating this atmosphere, the teacher’s role is needed in understanding the social conditions of children.

Distance learning activities are a big challenge to set up a quiet and comfortable learning atmosphere. The reason is that controlling students directly can be said to be difficult, especially if they have to be limited by distance and can only give directions through the screen. In this situation, the teacher must be able to maintain emotional stability, be patient, and show a genuine interest in teaching.

A teacher needs to equip himself with appropriate classroom management strategies to create a calm, conducive, and enjoyable learning atmosphere. In addition, it is also important to build closeness with students so that the class becomes more active and participatory.

A conducive classroom atmosphere will help students and make …

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Want to be a Digital Marketing Guru? These 3 Things Need To Be Done!

Have you ever thought about mastering digital marketing? Or are you curious about what makes someone so expert in digital marketing that they become a speaker at various events?
Besides being supported by experience, what else should you do? Here are three things to keep in mind so that you can become a successful digital marketer guru.

  • Have a digital roadmap to achieve business goals

A digital marketer has an important role in maximizing communication between brands and consumers. Successful digital marketers will effectively utilize existing marketing tools to help companies achieve their overall business goals. A digital marketer requires a broad awareness and understanding of the digital and social roles that are actually always evolving. Therefore, a digital roadmap is needed to provide a free picture of how best to achieve business goals and evaluate the results.

  • Balancing Creativity and Analytical Thinking

Successful digital marketers act and think independently, …

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Educate Children – It is undeniable that children are the hope and foundation of parents in the future. Therefore, as parents, of course, we must be able to provide the right guidance and direction so that they become good human beings and have noble character as we want them to be when they are adults.

The age of 0 years is a critical period for the development of the child’s brain. It is at this stage that the child experiences a golden period where brain development occurs rapidly and rapidly. At this time even the child’s brain can absorb new experiences faster than a 3-year-old child. Therefore, you should not be wrong in educating or setting an example for your children.

Tips for success on how to raise a good child have many methods. How big the success rate of the method applied certainly depends on how effective each parent …

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Tips for Educating Children

7 Tips to Educate Early Childhood Properly

Tips for Educating Children – During the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents are working from home. Because they spend more time at home, they will always meet their children.
Moreover, those who have early childhood, apart from working, parents also continue to assist their children. Just have to be able to divide the time.
But, how to properly educate early childhood? In addition to being active, early childhood also likes to explore.
Even sometimes he is unruly so that it makes us impatient and angry. However, parents should be able to restrain themselves so that their children can grow and develop optimally.
Parents must realize that the way to educate early childhood is very different from that of teenagers and adults.
This is because their brain development is not perfect, so it is not surprising that sometimes they are not able to understand what we want. For this reason, parents need …

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10 Tips for Teaching Good and Effective Middle School Students

Junior high school students are a period of transition from the condition of children to the age of approaching adolescence with changes in other emotional and attitude conditions. Good teaching methods and a little creativity are needed to help children get the most out of learning, both in the school and family environment. Do you have middle-school-age children who are a little difficult or have learning problems? It’s a good idea to try to practice the best teaching methods and be more creative to answer students’ needs. Remember, junior high school students are currently in the digital era, of course, they have patterns of attitude and learning that must be adjusted.

10 Tips for Teaching Good and Effective Middle School Students

We will give you some tips on how to teach junior high school students so that the teaching and learning process can be more effective and maximal. Here are …

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