The World Morality Crisis in Education

In the midst of the frenzied political party with its various polemics, various cases of immoral abuse that lead to moral damage are re-emerging. Do not want to lose, as if racing to reap destruction by incised black dots on this country of Indonesia. Similar to corruption, the phenomena of moral destruction of this nation seem to take root, disappear and arise between modernization, and are difficult to eradicate.

The rise of such cases point to the fact that the morality of this country is in a serious crisis. The crisis of morality which has also penetrated the realm of education, drags the educators into the students as well. Very ironic. Not only educators, even those who are educated have been exposed to various behaviors that violate morals.

As stipulated in the code of ethics for educators which states that, ” Teachers may not use their professional relationships and actions with students in ways that

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