The Importance of Integrated E-books on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Materials in Learning

Currently, Indonesia is being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which causes panic all levels of Indonesian society. This also has an impact on education in Indonesia from a face-to-face learning system to an online learning system . Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia is also prone to earthquakes. This is because Indonesia is built on a combination of various micro-continental plates and volcanic arcs that are driven by complex tectonic processes so that the collision of tens of these plates causes the formation of various types of faults scattered in various places.

Indonesia has earthquake-prone zones along areas close to the interaction area of ​​tectonic plates, such as on the south coast of Java and the west coast of Sumatra. West Sumatra is one of the areas in Indonesia that is frequently hit by earthquakes, including the Pesisir Selatan district. People who don’t know how to deal with earthquakes will make things worse because earthquakes are …

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