Sat. May 21st, 2022

Junior high school students are a period of transition from the condition of children to the age of approaching adolescence with changes in other emotional and attitude conditions. Good teaching methods and a little creativity are needed to help children get the most out of learning, both in the school and family environment. Do you have middle-school-age children who are a little difficult or have learning problems? It’s a good idea to try to practice the best teaching methods and be more creative to answer students’ needs. Remember, junior high school students are currently in the digital era, of course, they have patterns of attitude and learning that must be adjusted.

10 Tips for Teaching Good and Effective Middle School Students

We will give you some tips on how to teach junior high school students so that the teaching and learning process can be more effective and maximal. Here are some of them:

1. Establish Emotional Closeness with Students

One of the important tricks of teaching students is how you have a good emotional connection with these students. Watch how the children say they like their teacher. What they will generally say is ‘the teacher is good, caring, friendly, and easy to interact with.’ You may have good teaching skills, a good mastery of the material, but if you are not able to touch the hearts of students or middle school children, then they will just be your robot in the classroom. How to build that closeness? Among them:

  • Chat often
  • Pay attention
  • Help if there is anything you might be able to help
  • Don’t get angry quickly, smile often, and be firm

2. Learning Mastery

After you have a good emotional attachment to students, the next thing that is also very important is how professional you are in educating and teaching. Both teachers and parents need to understand this. What are the things you need to master in this case:

  • Mastering the material well.
  • Can deliver material in a preferred way.
  • Have a broader understanding of scientific insight into the material presented.
  • Master the class well.

3. Utilizing Technological Facilities

Middle school-age children are Generation Z who have a strong interest and interaction with the world of technology. Conventionally speaking, using ordinary whiteboard learning tools, manuals are boring and uninteresting things. The solution utilizes a learning system by using digital devices that are appropriate and controlled by children.

Parents must understand this. You need to support good technology mastery for children to help the teaching and learning process at school. The online learning system, for example, requires middle-school-age children to be more mature in using technology. Guiding children to be wiser in using technology, is not just for entertainment purposes but also part of an effective and useful learning facility. You must pay attention to these teaching tips because the world of technology in addition to making students more interested will also help parents and teachers in delivering material more easily, effectively, and interestingly.

4. Good Morals and Examples

Being a teacher or educator is essentially how someone becomes an example to those being taught or educated. Children in junior high school still need good role models in many ways. Good morals are unspoken examples that children will see. The existence of good morals and examples will be impressed in the hearts of children until they are old. Children will remember the good character of their teacher, and it will be a long-term inspiration for their lives. Conversely, if you fail to set a good example, then the bad impression will be remembered by children until they grow up. Let alone to be inspired, just listen to advice, children are lazy because they feel that adults are not the same between what is said and done.

5. Achievement and Motivation

If you teach or have middle-school-age children, try to appear as an innovative teacher or educator who inspires children. How to? Be an educator who motivates children. Teachers and parents must be a person who motivates children to grow up with self-confidence.

Motivation will encourage the birth of achievement by the abilities possessed by the child. Look at what are the dominant talents and abilities of children, then motivate them so that they can produce achievements. Help, give way so that children can focus more on something positive that they like and master. As an educator, you do not only need to provide motivation, if possible you can also be an example in terms of achievement. This method will make the child more inspired. Children will be remembered deeply, their enthusiasm to grow up with brilliant achievements will be even higher. Motivate to excel at the same time set an example for that achievement if you happen to have a similar talent or ability. As an educator, you are also required to have many achievements so that children see that you are worthy of being an example.

6. Outdoor Activities

Fun learning is an activity in various places that is not boring. Studying indoors only under certain conditions will make children bored. Moreover, junior high school-age children need a lot of exploration of various activities to foster their self-confidence to grow. Try to combine classroom learning with outdoor fun. For example, for those of you who teach about Indonesian, try occasionally inviting students to practice a good language outside of school.

Can invite children to see directly in the community how people master the Indonesian language. Teaching junior high school students certainly requires art so that they can participate in learning well, happily, and interactively. So, you can try outdoor learning techniques for a more interesting and innovative learning process.

7. Telling Experiences

You can do one thing by creating interaction and a fun learning atmosphere for middle school-age children. Do you still remember your teachers at school? Often they tell stories that are funny, interesting, full of wisdom, or even sad. Through stories conveyed learning messages that are easier for children to accept. Storytelling does not mean that you forget the formal education that must be conveyed, but through stories, you can convey life lessons that will be remembered by children until they grow up.

Tell stories that are inspiring, trigger, and motivate children to be more active in achieving what they want and aspire to. Storytelling can also make the classroom atmosphere more controlled, the children will be more open to telling stories with you. Be a person who is ready to listen to stories and can tell stories of motivational wisdom. This method is a simple way of teaching but will be very impressed and remembered by children until they reach adulthood.

8. Learn the Entertaining Method

One of the fun ways to learn for middle school-age children is the entertainment method. This entertaining way of learning is quite fun and becomes an interesting thing for children to study more intensively. For example, when learning about appreciating a literary work in Indonesian lessons, children can be asked to read entertaining best-selling novels. Invite children to learn in a fun way so they don’t get bored. Building friendly learning interactions, not forcing but more motivated.

9. Quiz and Appreciation

The next effective teaching tip is to give appreciation. Learning to be fun for middle school-age children still requires an appreciation that can make children happy. Appreciation is not just a compliment, but can also be a reward that fosters enthusiasm and pride. Make fun quizzes, and each quiz can be combined with simple rewards that make students more enthusiastic. Junior high school age still has a little child spirit so that praise, appreciation for what is done is still very much needed to generate motivation. You can give simple rewards such as small objects, books, or others as a form of appreciation for the achievements or learning achievements of students.

10. Advise in the Right Way

Advising is part of the responsibility of the person who educates, whether he is a teacher, parent, or something else. Even in schools, junior high school students still have to be advised so that they grow into better personalities. However, how? Often educators only focus on giving advice when children make mistakes. Whereas the right time to give advice is when people are in a state of not doing anything wrong. Especially for junior high school children who tend to want to hear their feelings and desires more. What is a more effective way of advising middle-school-age children?

  • Advise not when children make mistakes.
  • Advise not in front of their friends, causing the child to feel ashamed and inferior.
  • Frequently communicate with some children who tend to make repeated mistakes.
  • Advice is done with sincerity, not emotion.
  • Don’t bully in front of their friends, use firm language, and still educate.
  • Compose a story told in class to advise children who may often make mistakes.
  • Invite to chat, eat or especially invite children who often do bad things in class, or children who often make mistakes.

The morality of junior high school children is also a measure of success in educating, so it is not merely the result of high academic numbers. 

For those of you who want to find a junior high school with the best educational model and impact on improving the academic quality and morals of students, Global Achievement School is the best choice for you. A fun teaching and learning system, helping to improve morals and academic achievement in a balanced way.

For those of you parents who are worried about the development and association of junior high school-aged teenagers, the choice of schools with learning models like the one we offer is the best choice that answers the needs of children today. You can keep working in peace, children get learning that suits the needs of today’s times. Many schools or college graduates are good academically but are not matched with good morals. The needs of the world of work today are not only skills and academics, but also how someone has good character and personality so that they can be trusted at work. Good teaching methods are the hallmarks of the Global Achievement School. We are ready to help Indonesia produce school graduates who have moral and academic competence. Join us.

By Steven